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At Health way massage Clinic we use a full range of TCM techniques like chinese massage and acupressure (hand manipulation of acupuncture points), cupping (a suction method which improves circulation), moxibustion (using heat by burning moxa leaves at the acupuncture point), scalp acupuncture stimulation ( currents attached to the needles) , manipulative and massage techniques, and herbal medicine. We also advise on lifestyle changes, meditation and exercise – often in the form of Qigong. The combination of treatments and herbs is chosen specifically for the unique state of each client’s health. Where western medicine treats an “average” (no body is average!)  Chinese medicine is tailor made to the individual - ancient yet very modern designer healthcare.


We specialize in the treatment of chronic muscle pain and dysfunction. We offer deep tissue massage to realign muscle fibres and eliminate trigger points, improve your posture and reduce your pain.


We can help eliminate "mouse" shoulder and neck pain from poor desk posture. Ask in store about our 10% off discount and loyalty card for special massage promotions and deals. All of our VIP members will get the deal of $1 per minute for all massage treatments.


You will find Health Way located on Level 2 directly opposite Rodney Wayne via the Anzac Street entrance.


Shop L2.SU16 Shore City
52 - 56 Anzac St Takapuna, North Shore



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